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Lightning Network Powered Roulette  Lightning Spin

Lightning Spin Results The Lapps developer, Rui Gomes took to Twitter to officially announce his new platform. This Portuguese-based developer is also the innovative mind behind OpenNode. The OpenNode platform is touted as the world’s first multi-layered BTC payment processor specifically designed for merchants. In a public statement, Rui explained that people have criticized BTC because it can no longer be utilized for fast micropayments. Many in the cryptocommunity point to this as Satoshi Nakamoto’s originally intended vision for BTC.  He also explains that while he is the first Lightning Powered gambling platform, he doesn’t expect to be the last. The platform is already seeing a lot of use.  In the first 24-hours Lightning Spin is already showing 4,820 LN invoices created, 813 LN transactions, and 3,126,659 Satoshis paid out.  183 people have already visited the platform and 2,930 spins have been reported.  All of these transactions were done off-chain and did not add any congestion to BTC’s already slammed blockchain network. Today the platform is showing some impressive growth. According to the meters located on the website, 299 players have tried their hand so far. This equates to 7,349 spins with over 4.2 million Satoshis paid out to winners. Lightning Network Developers Support the Venture Yes, LN supporters are standing behind this project and Rui even thanked @lightning team for creating LND, @joaodealmeida94 for technical guidance, and @masen_io for helping with the design of the project.

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